Night Sky Photography 101 Recap

Hello everybody,

Thank you to all who attended the Night Sky Photography 101 class at Alpine Shop’s Get Outdside Expo! I hope you had fun and most of all I hope you were able to at least take something away from the class.

I decided to keep the course basic as I have had multiple people (including customers at Alpine Shop) ask me how to photograph something such as the northern lights on their upcoming adventures. Many of whom have no photographic experience. The feedback has been great!

That being said, I do believe that one can only learn so much in the classroom. The real learning begins when it is hands-on. I am planning a workshop in the future for Milky Way photography that would include an outing plus an afternoon of learning post-processing in Adobe Lightroom of captured images. If this is something of interest to you please stay tuned for updates and a sign-up list. I will keep you posted.

Again, thank you all and happy shooting!



Milky Way over vineyards, Dodson Orchards.

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