Book Update, Calendars, and Autumn Weather in the Ozarks

Hello all!

First off, the books:

I wanted to take the time to just fill you in on what all is going on as we approach the holiday seasons. My original intent was to release the 2015-2019 book by this time (mid to late September). Given the fact that we are so close to “that time of year” I decided to hold off and extend the release date for December, with orders being shipped and in your hands by Christmas. For those who have not preordered, feel free to do so here! For those who have preordered, thank you so much and I hope you are okay with waiting a couple more months yet! Obviously it is much more cost effective for me to print a higher quantity all at once, so your patience is greatly appreciated.

Second off, calendars:

For the second year in a row, I am releasing calendars. As usual, my struggle is/was choosing what to do for 2020. As a lot of my base are located in Minnesota, I took a poll as to what photos my audience would like to have hanging on their wall in their calendars for next year. The vast majority voted for photos from EVERYWHERE I’ve been in recent years vs just a strictly Minnesota themed or Missouri themed calendar. Thank you for your time on that poll. The decision was made to make the theme photos from EVERYWHERE. So! Stay tuned for as to when they are available, an announcement will be made.

Third off, zines:

I have in my inventory about 15 Colorado zines left (if interested pick one up here). These are a nothing fancy, cheap and affordable way to collect a handful of images from a certain place. Next up I will be releasing a St Louis Streets, Minnesota, and Ozarks themed zines. All of these are printed in limited runs, signed and numbered, never to be printed again. Stay tuned for those upcoming as well!

Fourth off, autumn weather and the Ozarks! 

Here are a handful of images from our night spent in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways. Temps dropped into the 50s and the night skies were crystal clear. I am looking forward to getting out and photographing the Ozarks once again now that it is cooling off. My seasons are right around the corner and I can’t wait to show you all around here again. I love the Ozarks, I just can’t quite get used to the summer heat. Enjoy!

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