Up North in Minnesota—the Art of Resilience

Blowing, swirling, drifting white. As we sat at Castle Danger Brewery in the sleepy town of Two Harbors, the blizzard moved in. The only visible subjects outside the windows were the street lamps. My friend Matt and I had just arrived after a day of driving from St Louis that started at 4:30am.

Two feet of snow fell earlier last week in my wonderful home state of Minnesota. And this night it would amount to dumping another 8 or so inches. What ensued the following two days was a journey through thick and wispy snowdrifts, frozen rivers, miles of snowshoeing (often times post holing!) and dramatic scenery that will stay in my mind for a lifetime. The resulting soreness and tiredness was beyond worth it. Resilience is something us Minnesotans are great at when it comes to weather ;).

There is an indescribable sense of contentment and accomplishment after pushing yourself to go beyond your limits. Miles of snowshoeing and being the first to put down fresh trail through waist deep snow is grueling work, trekking poles or not.

The point I’m trying to make is get yourself out there. With the proper gear and by paying attention to your own limitations a great reward of accomplishment and satisfaction can be attained. If you’re a photographer, the added bonus of capturing the most awe-inspiring scenes can be quite the reward.


Of course, it is equally as important to put the camera down and enjoy what all 5 of your senses can bring in.

After a grueling two days in the blustery winter weather of up north, bookended by two full day car rides, we sure felt accomplished.


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