Eye Candy: Sunflower Fields at Columbia Bottom Conservation Area

Enjoy some images from July 4th, 2018 sunset at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. One of these is an “HDR” if you want to technically call it that. So I wanted to throw in a little bit of my viewpoint on HDR. Typically I avoid HDR images unless absolutely necessary. I obviously tend to do this when shooting directly into the sunset, for lack of having the necessary square filters to achieve the dynamic range (they’re expensive and I feel I can achieve the same outcome). I specifically only use two images, one at normal exposure and one underexposed to gather details in both sky and shadows then stack them. In a way, I really wouldn’t consider them HDR. More of a stacking of two images or a composite of sorts. In any of my “HDR” shots (or any of my images for that matter), I never go overboard on saturation or get into manipulation. I always remain true to the scene as I witnessed it. Consider it a poor man’s version of filtering. I feel HDR or stacking images can be done appropriately if done responsibly—don’t overdo it, keep it realistic and be tasteful. But that’s just my artist style and opinion.

Anyways, last night’s sunset was fantastic with the sunflowers, enjoy!


All images captured with Fujifilm XT2, XF10-24mm, Hoya CPL

2-shot stacked image (HDR)


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