Colorado 9/11-9/14/2018

Colorado is one of those places I haven’t been to in years, and not going to lie, haven’t really thought about or wanted to go to during those years. Not for any reason in particular, but the popularity of everything Colorado was kind of a turnoff for me.  Everyone wanted to move there or go there, or still does maybe, I don’t know. Marijuana is legal there (yay!), hipsters and hippies commune…some native-born citizens get mad at influxes of transplants…whatever, it’s a “free” country. I guess it comes down to the whole Leave No Trace thing where some places are now being loved to death due to popularity. I guess I wanted to give it all some space?

So anyways, we decided to have a little family vacation and fly out to Breckenridge for a few days of just hanging out in cooler weather and the beautiful scenery of Colorado’s high country. Well, after those years of not really paying attention to Colorado, I gotta say that state has my attention now and stole a chunk of my heart. This week I found all sorts of new places to explore. Not to mention, after successfully reaching the summit of Quandary Peak at 14,265′ (my first 14er), I caught the bug and want to bag some more peaks. The aspens were changing. I had the summit to myself for 10 minutes…ya it was good. So now I’ve got some new life goals and new places to explore and photograph.

I hope you enjoy the following photographs from Colorado.


Snowing on Pike’s Peak.
Switchback roads up and down Pike’s Peak.
Moody days on Pike’s Peak.
Pike’s Peak
The road to Breckenridge along Hoosier Pass.
Fall arrives in Colorado, Hoosier Pass.
Milky Way above Tenmile Range (Quandary Peak?)
Night views of Breckenridge from Boreas Pass.
Fall is in the mountains!
Views along Boreas Pass, Red and Iron Mountains
Views along Boreas Pass
Crescent moon, Venus, and Jupiter above the Tenmile Range.
Approaching Quandary Peak
Approaching Quandary Peak
The Final Push
Looking down over the east ridge from Quandary Peak as the sun rises, 14,265′
A little different perspective of Quandary.
Left: North Star Mountain, Right: Quandary Peak

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