From the Archives: Northern Lights 9/19/2015 (Photo Reprocessing)

Sometimes it’s fun to go back and look through the archives. This was one incredible night out in Superior National Forest and the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. A photographer friend inspired me to hit the archives and re-process some old images. It is pretty cool to see your growth and knowledge gained over the years! Not to mention the flash flood of great memories.

This was en route to the Isabella Lake portage just before crossing over the Island River bridge. Where the Pagami Creek wildfire turned the forest to burnt matchsticks. It’s an otherworldly sight when the northern lights kick up. We camped out that night at Bog. Brittany slept warm in the truck and I didn’t sleep. I couldn’t and didn’t want to. I layed in the hammock between two fir trees and stared at the sky watching the lights dance until dawn. They did that nice pulsing/ripple effect for hours that reminds me of looking at the floor of a pool as the sun shines through the water. The whole sky was covered in lights from the northern horizon to the southern. One of the most incredible scenes to see in life.



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