2018 Castlewood Adventure Race

Today I had the pleasure of photographing the Castlewood 8 Hour Adventure Race and being a part of the media team. One of the best perks of being at the Alpine Shop is that I get to not only help outfit our customers for their adventures but when we sponsor events like races and trail runs I have the privilege of photographing them. These racers sure enjoy themselves and push their bodies and it’s always a blast to capture them in the grueling moments.

Be sure to check out the sponsors for the event:

2018 Castlewood Adventure Race

Alpine Shop

Dan Singer Photography & Design

The Legendary Randy Ericksen


The North Face

Urban Chestnut Brewing Co

Terrain Magazine

And myself…but that’s not necessary to list since you’re here :). If I missed any sponsors I apologize but I am not only bushed from the day but also sick. Enjoy everyone and congrats racers!


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