Council Bluff Lake—an Ozark Gem. 12/13/18

Yesterday’s 12.1 mile loop around Council Bluff Lake was wet, bleak and dramatic. The outing was mostly just a reason to get out in the woods on top of plan some photos for the future. Aside from the 12 mile trail (which is a spur of the Ozark Trail), there is also a campground, canoeing/boating and fishing opportunities, and wildlife habitat provides hunting opportunities. This recreational lake area is an Ozark gem with some stunning views of the mountains surrounding it. Pine and cedar groves provide places to keep a bit drier from a light rain. Four bald eagles were seen at the beginning of the trek, and I managed to kick up about a dozen turkey. There are also many signs of bear and the signage at trailheads will reassure those who aren’t familiar with what to do while being in their territory. Also, the hiking trail is shared with mountain bikers—be sure to be mindful of them and share the trail. I’m sure during the summer months it is busier, but this time of year I saw absolutely nobody. Which is just perfect.

Here are some of the images from the trek. Enjoy.

*all images captured with Fujifilm XT2 and XF35mm or iPhone 8+

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