From the Archives: Ice Tree Sunset, Knife River, MN 12/8/2016

Probably the one experience in my photographic career that I wish I could go back to. Also the experience that has provided one of my most impactful images. This evening was by far my favorite shoot in the 4 years I’ve been actively shooting.

From the archive:

“Boy did I stumble upon a treasure this afternoon. I found a tree along the shore of Lake Superior that had been doused with waves and frozen in icicles. I am not fibbing when I say I was able to stand under it.

So I waited to see what sort of sunset I’d be treated with. Am I glad I waited to find out. This is the result of the sunset shining through the walls of ice over the tree.”

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2 thoughts on “From the Archives: Ice Tree Sunset, Knife River, MN 12/8/2016

  1. My wife would love to purchase one of the Ice Tree photos from you. For whatever reason, she is unable to complete the purchase from her iPad and I cannot find a way to navigate to a purchase page on my MacBook. Please help!

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