Ozark Winter: Ice Exploration 1/27/2019

There are so many little canyons, shut-ins, waterfalls, cliffs and bluffs in the Ozarks. This time of year the Ozarks really put on a show. They are easier to explore. The views are better. And ice forms on the bluffs and cliffs of this old mountain range’s hidden canyons. The water is crystal clear and cold. Perfect for taking a dip when the summer days hit peak with overwhelming heat and humidity.

So on another note I’m really thankful we at least live on the southern edge of winter. There’s some really cool stuff out there in the Ozarks this time of year. We’re supposed to get a nice deep freeze this week with some subzero temps. I’m looking forward to what next weekend brings. The big ice sheet seen below was about 3x my height and was hanging on by a “thread” of ice just waiting to fall off the bluff. I bet next weekend it’d be pretty interesting. After a little honing of the bushcraft skills and finding some new places to go this summer to cool off, I’m happy to say it was a great day of discovery and a great day of photography. The morning even started off with some heavy snow flurries.

I hope you enjoy the photos.


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