Back to Minnesota: Photo Workshop/Overland Expedition

A quick recap of last week’s trip back home. Rock climbers at Palisade Head kicked off the trip. Star-filled skies in Hovland during sub-freezing nights. Raging North Shore rivers and gushing waterfalls. Exploring rutted and muddy logging roads. Fishing for trout and northern. And even a low key photography workshop.

Tagging along was my first photography student who was also the first to join me on an expedition back home in the Northwoods. It was an easy going photo workshop and also served as a test run for what I’d like to do in the future.

Among the things we covered were necessary settings and knowledge of depth of field/aperture and ISO settings, light painting, and correct shutter speeds all for different situations. Landscape themes involved everything from long exposures using 10-stop ND filters for broad daylight waterfall shots and appropriate settings for Milky Way photography.

As for me, I didn’t really spend a lot of time shooting but guiding my student, occasionally nabbing a few shots when I felt like it. This latest expedition was pure enjoyment for me. Some much needed r&r and decompression time in the Northwoods for the first time in months. Sometimes it is best to not live entirely behind the camera and take some time to soak it all in.

As I said, this was sort of a test run. I’d like to start doing these types of workshops in the future. I know my way around the old forest roads and backcountry of Superior National Forest. Maybe one day I will garner enough interest in this type of thing. But who knows, everyone just goes to YouTube to learn anything any more.


*All images captured using Fujifilm XT1 and iPhone 8+

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