*PREORDER* Now Available: Jake Trost Photography Collection 2015-2019

For the past month or so I’ve been working on my first coffee table book. It was hard to decide if I wanted to do a strictly Minnesota book AND a Missouri book. I nixed both of those ideas and decided to do a “collection” of sorts that included images from the first 4 years of my photography journey So here is the cover of ‘Jake Trost Photography 2015-2019 Collection’.

93 pages containing images from the following locations:

The Great Smoky Mountains

South Carolina


The Dakotas


The Ozarks



Clearly it was an issue choosing which images to put in. I’m giving myself a little bit more time to make sure the images I have chosen are the images I really want to publish in this book. I am now taking preorders. The final step in this process is acquiring my ISBN and barcode. Since this volume is so big at 93 pages, the price for this one will be a little bit more than future books at around $35 plus $10 shipping/delivery. I intend on publishing once a year from here out. For example, I will release my next book in 2021 showcasing my images from 2020.

Preorder here: https://jaketrost.photo/product/preorder-jake-trost-photography-2015-2019-collection/

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