This Year’s Fall Color

IMG_0329It’s been a great fall in my opinion. The colors haven’t been as vibrant but the temperatures have been absolutely fantastic. It really felt like someone just flipped the switch from excessive heat to comfortable crispiness.

Three weekends in a row I was able to get out and chase the change. Weekend one was essentially a scouting day down in the Eminence area and Ozark National Scenic Riverways. I spent it scouring conservation areas, driving backroads and scoping out scenic shooting locations.

Weekend two, I returned to the Riverways, spending the night at one of my favorite camp spots on the Jacks Fork. Crisp air as winter-like temperatures hit sub-freezing overnight allowed for clear starry skies above the river bluffs. The morning’s frosty landscape was dramatic as the sun’s light came over the ridge and hit the water. This created a “sea smoke” like effect similar to that of Lake Superior. The icy morning also got my fingertips hurting for the first time this season. A firm reminder of the winter to come.


On weekend three, we had some remaining fall colors in the area with an inch or two of fresh snow. It was a perfect opportunity to get out and experience a sensory overload. One of my favorite subjects, next to the night sky, is photographing the combination of fall and winter colliding. Snow and fall colors are a beautiful combo.

This gallery is the collection of images from these past three weekends. I hope you enjoy.



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