Update/Eye Candy: Waterfalls of Missouri and Illinois

Over the past few weeks I’ve been able to get out for some of our wet weather waterfalls in the area. I managed to get out to Shawnee National Forest for a day and found Jackson Falls and Burden Falls flowing. Shawnee is a nice getaway for the day, sitting roughly 2.5 hours from St Louis (our house at least). If one wants to spend even more time there during one day I would suggest overnighting the night before.

On top of that, I also managed to get out to Don Robinson State Park this past Sunday after we received INCHES of rain and a grand finale of snow. The conditions were perfect, with the Sandstone Canyon trail at the park prime real estate for waterfall scenes. Not to mention both days were grey and cloudy which makes for the PERFECT FILTER.

Don Robinson State Park has really turned into a place I enjoy that is close to home. Last year we had a much better winter as far as proper winter weather goes. The park was frozen with curtains of icicles and snow. Honestly, if we could get more rain I’d be happy as I want to photograph more Ozark waterfalls. Shawnee National Forest is full of hidden gems and I feel like it’s on the level of my enjoyment of Superior National Forest (almost).

I am headed up to Superior National Forest and Minnesota’s North Shore on Friday. I’ll be spending my time winter camping and soaking up some of the winter weather that we don’t get in Missouri. Sounds like the entire Midwest is about to get hit with a winter storm so I’ll be leaving the house at 4am to try and stay ahead of the system, and by the time I arrive up north I’ll be able to enjoy it.

Lots planned. Some BWCA snowshoeing, traversing frozen lakes, North Shore camping at Gooseberry Falls State Park will provide convenient opportunities for sunrise, sunset, and night sky photography. Quite possibly in subzero conditions. The things we do for photography, eh?

Anyways, enjoy some waterfall photos from the past several weeks from Missouri and Illinois!


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