Indiana Dunes: America’s 61st National Park

Our country’s newest National Park (our 61st), the Indiana Dunes on the southern shore of Lake Michigan really does not disappoint. In 1966 it was designated as a National Lakeshore and now has been designated as National Park. In my eyes it is absolutely worth a visit.

It may not have the awe-inspiring views of the Rockies, but the sandy trails and views of Lake Michigan are unique. White pine dot the landscape alongside wetlands and swamps that certainly don’t make one feel like they are in the Midwest. The Hobgoblin bottle shop and convenience store sit outside the Dunewood Campground amidst sand-covered grounds almost making one feel as if they are on a southern shore of the Atlantic (significantly intensified by the pink and famous Florida House).

Upon arrival to the shore, a front was moving in off of Lake Michigan which was a great welcome and change from the hot and humid air when I arrived. After a brief rain, the skies briefly opened up enough to provide some nice sunset color. A strong reminiscence of my time spent on the shores of Lake Superior (even though, yes, it is an entirely different shoreline from Lake Superior’s North Shore). For only a 5 hour drive from the St Louis area, it is another place to enjoy that is very close to home.

Enjoy the photos!

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