Ozarks Exploration

Today was the first time in a couple of months I have been able to get out for some photography. We have been extremely busy renovating our house and establishing our home base for the first time since leaving Minnesota. So, apologies for the lack of content lately! 2020 has certainly made it a little bit more difficult!

Exploring Ozark mountain roads.

So this weekend a friend and myself ended up driving old forest roads in search of new camp spots. Places with dark skies and no people, no amenities, nothing to rely on but one’s self. Being 100% self reliant in the great outdoors has its perks. Solar power, portable toilets, solar shower, tool kits and more all make moving around locally that much safer during theses times—with minimal exposure to anyone, only for gasoline.

Rough life…

This weekend was a compilation of stunning night sky vistas, misty mountain sunrises and wildlife—photographing this morning’s sunrise led me to almost stepping on a timber rattlesnake (photos below, I got really lucky by not stepping on him). Heavily rutted forest roads only passable by capable vehicles made the scenery that much more appreciated. I hope you enjoy the following images, and I promise now that we’re settling in, my photographic pursuits will resume!


One thought on “Ozarks Exploration

  1. Yikes, that was way too close to that rattler! Every photo was amazing. I am so glad you are still at, and congrats on the progress on your house. I think the one photo of your truck up close, at an angle should be sold to Toyota! What a sales piece, muddy tires and all 🙂

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