Ozark Snow

Long time no see everybody!

I haven’t written in quite some time. Since the last time I did write, I’ve probably gone on half a dozen close to home travels. Enough to where I won’t get back to recap each and individual one. I also found myself taking my annual break after the holidays from the business side of this whole photography thing. Not to mention the whole last year with the pandemic thing putting a damper on everything. I spent the time rearranging my goals, realigning my thoughts, tightening up the travel rig and projecting goals for this year: 2021.

So on that note, let’s start fresh with this one!

With the dull, gray, rainy winter we’ve had here in Missouri, I haven’t felt to compelled to get out. The past two winters I’ve at least been able to get a solid snowshoe in. This doesn’t seem to be the case this year. However this past week we did get a few inches of the white stuff to liven up our landscape.

In my true fashion, I went out and enjoyed an early evening sunset stroll through our local conservation area. While I didn’t walk away with any real banger photos, I walked away with a nice refreshing jaunt through a snow-covered Ozark forest. Still, I’m happy to have gotten some captures of our FIRST snow of the season. I’ll keep this writing simple and leave you with the photos. Here is a small collection from just last week.


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